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Magic Denied

Arcadia Global – Book Two

Her love has been the essence that’s helped him continue to do the job he hates, but her love could ultimately kill her.


Dalton “Ghost” Casper is one of Arcadia’s most dangerous. He’s the executioner for those guilty of crossing the boundaries in the world of magic. The gun they point when the job needs to be done. He’ll always be Arcadia’s weapon against those that use magic to harm others.

Stephanee Lévesque has denied magic her whole life. If anyone finds out the truth, Arcadia will send someone after her. Her grandmother is dying, and Stephanee will receive her magic and become more dangerous. Fleeing, she hopes that with distance she can prevent evolution and not inherit her grandmother’s magic.

What happens when Arcadia sends someone to bring her home, and it turns out to be the one man she’s loved for nine years?








“Kill the rabbit,” the elderly governing council member commanded.

They had set a brown and white rabbit, in a cage, in front of him. He was being forced to prove his magic. Killing the rabbit was the final test.

“No! I’m not killing a defenseless animal for your fucked-up sense of pleasure.”

“Dalton, please, do what they ask!” his mother pleaded from her chair at the far side of the antiquated conservatory.

A man he had not noticed before, who was a little older and bigger than himself, moved to his side. Placing his hand on Dalton’s shoulder, the man smiled with understanding. He waved his hand and drew one of the enormous potted planters to them – a small grove of ancient lucky bamboo, thick from years of growth. “Kill the plant,” he whispered to him.

Dalton was so pissed. Why kill anything? He looked at the bamboo. It was an old grove, standing in a metal planter that was the size of a love seat, the stalks standing well over eight feet tall. Dalton looked back at his mother. He needed to complete this last task so he could get the hell out of here. Thinking about it, he eventually figured out how to give the entire council a ‘fuck you.’

Staring at the council, he felt nothing but disgust. Shaking his head, he whispered, “If this is what magic is about, fuck you all. I want nothing to do with it.” He turned and exited the room.

He got as far as the front door of the building before an older version of the man who had given him the choice of a plant instead of the rabbit caught up with him. “Dalton, that’s not what magic is about, but the reason for that test is important. I swear. Come with me, and I’ll explain to you why everything you just went through is important.” The man turned as the younger version of himself approached with their jackets. Extending his hand, the man said, “I’m Dennis Gresham, and this is my son Pierce. I’m sure by now you could use a beer.” Seeing his mother in the far distance nodding her approval, Dalton took the hand of the older man and agreed to the drink.


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