Welcome to my website! You have ended up here either by accident or on purpose, but either way welcome.  Here you will find a world of crazy and wonderful world of Magika, teenage angst, first-time love, and maybe even an escape from the stresses and boredom of everyday life.  I have always wanted to be a writer, I can’t say I’ve always been good at.  My mind has always taken me to places where I am able to live a life full of adventure, wonder, and love. When you read my stories, I want you to get the chance to feel ever time I sit down at the keyboard to write.  Be enveloped by the magic of the worlds I create and enveloped in the love my characters have for one another.  I don’t write for myself, I have never have, I write for others.  You give my characters life and love in ways that I never can and for that I thank you.


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