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Writing is Still My Passion

As I mentioned in a previous post last year was not an easy for my family. One of the worst parts for me was a severe car accident resulting in an emergency room visit. I didn’t have to stay overnight, but even ten months later, I’m still dealing with the repercussions of the accident. One of the things to suffer is my writing. It’s tough to focus for long periods.

Mandalas of Love Journal and Coloring Book

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I’m not able to concentrate on doing any writing, but I’ve been trying to do smaller projects in the last month to retrain my working habits. I have completed and published a mandala journal and coloring book to help with meditation, mindfulness, and just for fun. I released the book through my publishing company. There are other small projects I’m working though because they only take about an hour to complete. Again, allowing me to retrain my thinking process to regain the ability to sit while writing my stories.

Arcadia Global Still Swirling in My Head

On the subject of my Arcadia Global books, I have to share some pretty exciting news. As most of you know, I spend a great deal of time researching my books while I’m writing. I walk through the actual locations, so I understand the pacing. I want my writing to give the readers the feeling of being real. One of those places, I only saw in pictures. It was a real estate listing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was not able to visit the house that I picked for Shay and Pierce. It’s also the location where Stephanee meets Shay when she goes looking for Ghost.

Shay and Pierce's House, Arcadia Global

           House in Arcadia Global

I’m visiting the city this coming weekend, and I wanted to at least walk by the house. You can imagine my astonishment to find it was still on the market! I called the agent, and after a great deal of explaining, he is allowing me to walk through the house. I had to agree not to take any pictures, and I’m not allowed to list the address but WOW!!! To see the house inside and walk the exact rooms is going to be amazing! With luck visiting the house I’ve described in the book will be the trigger for me to start writing again!


By Shelly McGowan

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