Magic's Lovers, Arcadia Global, Shelly McGowan

Magic’s Lovers

Arcadia Global – Book One

Deception and love leave a new sorceress teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.

When her grandmother dies, Shay Mallory is thrust into the incredibly real world of magic and sorcery. Along with her grandmother’s astonishing fortune, Shay has also inherited her magic powers. She is now a powerful sorceress, only if she can control her powers. As Shay begins her magical training, she finds her previous mundane life is more complicated and sinister than she realized.

As Arcadia Global’s CEO, Pierce Gresham begins teaching her the rules of sorcery, he steals her heart. But when he abruptly ends their relationship, the pressures of her magical training and the real world leave Shay teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.








Shay looked up at Pierce. “I apologize for the interruption. I sort of fried my laptop this morning when I started learning everything. I needed a new one because my whole life is online.” She was babbling and she knew it, but she couldn’t stop herself.

“I totally understand. When I first got my powers I destroyed a pristine 1972 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. My parents forbid me to use magic to fix it, so I had to rebuild it by myself.”

As Pierce sauntered over to her, Shay realized just how big he was. “It’ll take a lot of work to learn your powers. I know my Granny has already started arranging for people to train you. You should be prepared for the work. It’s never easy for any of us.”

“Thank you for the advice.” Shay didn’t look up at him. She kept her eyes focused on the wall behind him.

Pierce used two fingers to tilt her chin up so they looked into each other’s eyes. “You have the most beautiful blue eyes, like sapphires, Mon saphir. Just so you know, Gretchen betrothed you to me when you were five years old. I was already fifteen. I didn’t think much about it because you were a small child. Now seeing the grown-up you, I think I will have to revisit the idea of having a wife.” Bending down, he placed a light kiss on her lips, then lifted his head and smiled down at her.

The white marble pedestal in the foyer that showcased her mother’s five-hundred-year-old Ming Dynasty vase exploded with a loud crack. The vase, still intact, was tossed into the air. Pierce stretched out a long arm and the fragments of the pedestal, as well as the vase, froze in midair. Letting go of her chin with a slight stroke of his fingertips, Pierce ambled over and plucked the vase out of the cloud of wreckage. As he turned back to Shay with the vase, the debris of the pedestal crashed to the hardwood floor.


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